What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile website is a mobile-optimized version of your main business website. It is designed, built and optimized for mobile web visitors, and works alongside your main website. So when someone using a mobile phone visits your main business website, he or she will automatically be redirected to your mobile website.


What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing refers to the process of marketing on or with a mobile device, basically targeting mobile device users using tools such as SMS, Apps, QR Codes, Coupons, etc…



Why do I need a Mobile Website?

The use of mobile devices, mainly smartphones and tablets, to access the internet is rapidly growing every year. According to Google, mobile search has grown over 500% in the past two years alone and 85% of mobile users seek local information and services on them every single day. And that 81% of these searchers take action on the local information they find!

The amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly and it is now a MUST for businesses to offer mobile-friendly content in order to take advantage of this rapid growth. If you don’t? You will be left behind by your competitors.

It is estimated that at least 25% of visitors that are landing on your website are using mobile phones. If your site is not optimized for mobile, shoppers will go elsewhere. If they cannot easily view your information properly, they will get frustrated, ‘tap out’ and check out your competitors instead, costing you lost potential customers and sales. A bad mobile experience can also damage your company’s brand.

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Top 10 Benefits of Mobile Websites and Mobile Marketing:

  1. Improves the mobile user experience and makes a positive impression on your company.
  2. Provides faster download speed which means less waiting and more browsing.
  3. Increases sales because mobile sites tend to lead to mobile purchases.
  4. Improves rankings on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and others.
  5. Helps maintain your company’s competitive edge.
  6. Easily allows your customers to call you using the ‘Tap-to-call’ feature.
  7. Easily allows your customers to reach you using the ‘location-based’ maps.
  8. Easily allows your customers to purchase your products or service at their convenience.
  9. Allows your company to take advantage of various mobile marketing campaigns.
  10. Provides a more cost effective form of marketing and increases your profits today!

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We can do your Mobile Website and Mobile Marketing for you!

At Denn Computek Solutions, we can design and develop your Mobile Website for you and help you create your Mobile Marketing strategy according to your specific requirements.

We offer a Free Consultation so we can discuss your Mobile Website and Mobile Marketing requirements and options with you, and then provide you with a Free Quote. And why choose us? Because we will:

  • Provide you with an attractive and professional-looking mobile website that will reflect highly on your business.
  • Create your mobile website and help you create a Mobile Marketing strategy that will fit your needs and your budget at the same time.
  • Make sure that you understand how your Mobile Marketing strategy works and how we will run and manage it for you.
  • Incorporate your branding all throughout the website to showcase your business identity online.
  • Work with you every step of the way to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your mobile website.
  • Take care of all the internet and technical details so you can concentrate on what you do best — running your business.

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